Lamentations 5

Forgive us, Lord,

Our sins and crimes.

Righteous has been your wrath.

Give us back hope;

Invest your love in us again.

Vainglorious has been our pride;

Extreme has been our punishment.


That wraps up the poetic laments. Next, we’ll start Ezekiel, the tales of another prophet/mentally ill person who preached doom, gloom, and destruction. 

Lamentations 4

Desolation haunts the streets;

Even the wealthy hunger.

Starvation’s haggard visage peeks from every window.

Old people lay in streets dying, children beg;

Ladies cook their babies and feast,

Aspiring to live one more day.

Tragedy consumes the city.

In the palace, the princes weep.

Only God can end the suffering

Nebuchadnezzar causes at Its whim.

Lamentations 3

Punishment is our lot.

Under God’s rod, we writhe.

Never has a people been so afflicted.

In our hearts, gall is poured.

Sinners all, we deserve death.

Help is forever beyond our reach.

Mortals couldn’t suffer more.

Execrations fill the air.

Nations turn from us in horror.

Turn your wrath from us, God!

Lamentations 1

Look at Jerusalem!

All burned and deserted.

Many used here to dwell but

Exile has swallowed them up.

Now her walls and buildings have crumbled.

Total destruction has befallen her.


All five of the verses of this book are acrostics of the Hebrew alphabet, so I am going to write acrostics based on key words. 

Isaiah 26: We built this city

Isaiah told everyone that in the day that God restored the Jews to power, after their long punishment, then everyone should sing this song:

We built this city,  built this city on faith in God.

We built this city, built this city on faith in God.

Let the righteous still worship the Lord’s face.

Trample the sinners, drive them from this place,

Knee deep in iniquity, sinking in the fight.

We got faith they will crumble before God’s might.

Sinners tremble in fear. Listen to the prophets, oh.

We built this city, built this city, on faith in God.

Ecclesiastes 3: Musical interlude

Why do poor people seem so content to work hard and struggle, Solomon mused. I guess God made them happy just being. Like animals are. Maybe God made life so bleak so we humans would fear It. I mean, everywhere you look, there is evil and sin–And really, are we any better off than animals? We live, eat, fuck, and die just like they do. Life is pretty meaningless. I wish I could be like those stupid poor people who enjoy working and want nothing else.

Then he listened to the Byrds.

Psalm 148: I want to praise your name

Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something

I know you’ll understand.

When I say that something,

I want to praise your name.

I want to praise your name.

I want to praise your name.

Oh please, say to me

you’ll be merciful.

And please say to me,

you’ll let me praise your name.

I want to praise your name.

I want to praise your name.

I want to praise your name.