I Samuel 17: David and Goliath

Since David was the youngest, and was only employed to play music when the king was in a black mood, he still spent a lot of time at home, and a lot of time running errands back and forth between his older brothers, who were soldiers, and their father.

On one trip to Bethlehem, Jesse sent David back with a bunch of grain and bread for his brothers and some cheeses for their commanders. When David got to camp, he heard that every day for the past forty days, this huge Philistine came out to challenge the Hebrews to send a man to face him in one-on-one combat. The Philistine claimed that if the Hebrew won, then all the Philistines would surrender, but if the giant won, then all the Hebrews would have to.  Continue reading “I Samuel 17: David and Goliath”