Psalms 1: Or, It would take more than I got to make this good, so enjoy the first of many, many bad poems

Psalm 2

Psalm 3: David’s poem about Absalom’s coup

Psalm 4

Psalm 5

Psalm 6

Psalm 7

Psalm 8

Psalm 9

Psalm 10

Psalm 11

Psalm 12

Psalm 13

Psalm 14

Psalm 15

Psalm 16

Psalm 17

Psalm 18: David’s song when he escaped Saul; or Like a rock

Psalm 19

Psalm 20: Trust in God

Psalm 21

Psalm 22

Psalm 23: The Lord is my shotgun; Or, If David were a redneck

Psalm 24

Psalm 25: Hey Yahweh

Psalm 26: Everything I do, I do it for God

Psalm 27

Psalm 28

Psalm 29

Psalm 30

Psalm 31

Psalm 32: Please forgive me

Psalm 33

Psalm 34

Psalm 35: My deity’s back

Psalm 36: Every little step I take

Psalm 37

Psalm 38: Do you really want to hurt me?

Psalm 39

Psalm 40: I’m everything I am because God loved me

Psalm 41

Psalm 42: I need your love

Psalm 43

Psalm 44: Help

Psalm 45

Psalm 46

Psalm 47

Psalm 48

Psalm 49: God will stand by me

Psalm 50

Psalm 51: Apology; or, David’s lament after he got chastised for forcing Bathsheba to have sex with him and then had her husband killed to cover it up

Psalm 52: Somebody’s gonna pay; or, David’s song when he realized Doeg the Edomite would rat him out to Saul

Psalm 53

Psalm 54: Bad Blood; or, David’s song when the Ziphites betrayed him to Saul

Psalm 55

Psalm 56: Hope It gives you hell; or, David’s song when seized by the Philistines in Gath

Psalm 57: I want to thank you; or, David’s song when he escaped the cave that Saul was also in

Psalm 58

Psalm 59: Help me, Yahweh; or, David’s song when hiding from assassins sent by Saul

Psalm 60: We’re gonna need God’s help; or, David’s song during the Edomite rebellion

Psalm 61

Psalm 62: I need a deity

Psalm 63: Sky angel

Psalm 64: I get by with a little help from God

Psalm 65: God’s the meaning of my life

Psalm 66: Nothing can stop God

Psalm 67: God is my sunshine

Psalm 68: Every breath you take

Psalm 69

Psalm 70: One prayer away

Psalm 71: Something in the air tonight

Psalm 72: Solomon’s prayer for his reign after David died

Psalm 73: God is always on my mind

Psalm 74

Psalm 75: Only God can judge me

Psalm 76: God is the champion

Psalm 77: Trouble

Psalm 78

Psalm 79: Since God’s gone

Psalm 80: God could take us high enough

Psalm 81: God will be your father figure

Psalm 82

Psalm 83: God’s fight song

Psalm 84: Faithfully

Psalm 85: After I say I’m sorry

Psalm 86: Holy kind of love

Psalm 87

Psalm 89: Without God

Psalm 90

Psalm 91: Let God be your hero

Psalm 92: I thank God

Psalm 93

Psalm 94: Living on a prayer

Psalm 95: God loves you

Psalm 96

Psalm 97

Psalm 98: Happy

Psalm 99: Listen to your heart

Psalm 100: God will never give you up

Psalm 101

Psalm 102: Your love

Psalm 103: God’s the best thing

Psalm 104: Everybody

Psalm 105

Psalm 106

Psalm 107: God will stand by me

Psalm 108: God hates everything about them

Psalm 109: God hates them

Psalm 110: Sitting by God

Psalm 111: Feel like praying loud

Psalm 112

Psalm 113: Unbelievable

Psalm 114

Psalm 115: Almost paradise

Psalm 116: Jehovah

Psalm 117

Psalm 118: What It gives

Psalm 119: As easy as ABC

Psalm 120: You can’t hide

Psalm 121: Lean on God

Psalm 122

Psalm 123: I’m sorry

Psalm 124: You gotta God

Psalm 125

Psalm 126: Don’t be cruel

Psalm 127

Psalm 128

Psalm 129

Psalm 130

Psalm 131

Psalm 132

Psalm 133

Psalm 134

Psalm 135: I want to know what love is

Psalms 136: Thank you for loving me

Psalm 137: Wonderful world

Psalm 138: Come on, Yahweh

Psalm 139: All we need is God

Psalm 140: Don’t light the fire

Psalm 141: Best of my love

Psalm 142: I want it God’s way; or, David’s song when he was a bandit

Psalm 143: Worshipin’

Psalm 144: Wonder of all

Psalm 145: Light up my life

Psalm 146: Endless love

Psalm 147: Let’s sing a song

Psalm 148: I want to praise your name

Psalm 149: I’m a believer

Psalm 150: Maker, maker