Isaiah 1: Meet Isaiah

Isaiah 2: Isaiah says God hates foreigners

Isaiah 3: Isaiah says God doesn’t like slutty women either

Isaiah 4

Isaiah 5: The world’s a dumpster fire

Isaiah 6: Isaiah’s origin story

Isaiah 7: Many decades later, because linearity is for chumps

Isaiah 8: Isaiah’s one of those street preachers who always makes his kids participate

Isaiah 9: Punishment is good

Isaiah 10: God will punish the Assyrians for being God’s tool to punish the Jews

Isaiah 11: The verse that’s supposed to be about Jesus

Isaiah 12

Isaiah 13: Prophecy against Babylon

Isaiah 14: God likes schadenfreude

Isaiah 15: Destruction for Moab, too

Isaiah 16: But…

Isaiah 17: Damascus too

Isaiah 18: And Cush

Isaiah 19: Egypt’s fate

Isaiah 20: Isaiah gets naked for God

Isaiah 21: Go set a watchman, or something

Isaiah 22: Stuff about Jerusalem

Isaiah 23: Don’t forget about Tyre

Isaiah 24: The whole world is doomed

Isaiah 25

Isaiah 26: We built this city

Isaiah 27: Promises

Isaiah 28: Woe!

Isaiah 29: More woe

Isaiah 30: Woe to Egypt

Isaiah 31

Isaiah 32: One day

Isaiah 33: Make Jerusalem great again

Isaiah 34: Listen, nations

Isaiah 35: But don’t worry

Isaiah 36: Assyria attacks Jerusalem

Isaiah 37: Hezekiah’s scared

Isaiah 38: The king falls ill

Isaiah 39: Babylon tricks Hezekiah

Isaiah 40: God is in the sky

Isaiah 41: God’s the only one

Isaiah 42: Listen to Isaiah

Isaiah 43: Only God can save you

Isaiah 44: Only God is real

Isaiah 45: Other gods are stupid and fake

Isaiah 46: Our God is the best

Isaiah 47: Babylon will fall

Isaiah 48

Isaiah 49: Leave Babylon

Isaiah 50

Isaiah 51: Remember

Isaiah 52

Isaiah 53: Which no doubt is supposed to be about Jesus or something

Isaiah 54: Barren no more

Isaiah 55

Isaiah 56: Forget what God said before, now all are welcome!

Isaiah 57

Isaiah 58: God knows

Isaiah 59: God could

Isaiah 60

Isaiah 61

Isaiah 62: Marry me

Isaiah 63

Isaiah 64: Let us pray

Isaiah 65: God’s reply

Isaiah 66: God’s final word