Ezekiel 27: Tyrian trade

God was particular about me laying out all the wonderful trade Tyre stood to lose when it was destroyed.  Tyre had a magnificent merchant fleet, made of Senirese juniper, Lebanese cedar, Bashanian oak, Cyprian cypress and Egyptian cotton, that traded all over the Mediterranean. It traded silver, iron, and lead from Tarshish; slaves and bronze from Greece, Tubal, and Meshek; horses and mules from Beth Togarnah; ivory and ebony from Rhodes; tortoise, coral, rubies, and textiles from Aram; wheat, olive oil, honey, and balm from Judah and Israel; wine and wool from Damascus; saddle blankets from Dedan; sheep and goats from Arabia and Kedar; spices, golds, and gems from Sheba and Raamah; and textiles from Harran, Kannah, Ashur, and Kilmad.

But all this wonderful trade will come to an end when God has Babylon destroy Tyre.


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