Ezekiel 16: Trigger warning

Another time God said to me, Human, let me explain my disgust and anger at Jerusalem in terms you might be able to understand, in human terms. Imagine Jerusalem is a woman, my wife even. Now, imagine that the first time I met her she was just a newborn–like just born, because I found her in a dumpster with her umbilical cord still attached because her unwed mother was ashamed of her half-breed bastard and threw her away. But I felt sorry for the mewling thing and took her out of the trash and cleaned her up and found her a loving foster home.

Later, when she was a pubertal teenager, I saw her budding breasts and the curling hair sprouting on her vulva, and I thought, that’s a flower I’d like to pluck, but I waited a few years, until she was ready for love. And when I fucked her did I just leave her? No! I helped her wipe the blood off and even massaged fragrant oil into the sore places. Then I married her! I gave her beautiful clothes and expensive jewelry. I fed her lobster and champagne whenever she wanted. She was a queen! And when Jerusalem lorded it over my exes, Sodom and Samaria, I said nothing. 

But do you think that my lovely Jerusalem was a faithful wife? Hell, no! She started taking lovers–Assyria, Philisitia, Edom, you name it! She spread her legs for every country and ever god that came by. She fucked them in our bed! And she was even worse than a whore, because she paid them. Yeah. She gave them my food, my jewels, my money. She even sacrificed our children to them.

Now if Jerusalem was your wife, what would you do? Me, I’m going to make her pay. I’m going to punish that lying whore. If she thought I was hard on my exes, Samaria and Sodom, just wait until Jerusalem sees what I have in store for her. They weren’t half the whore she is! Here’s my plan: I’m going to gather all of her lovers, strip her naked before them, and let them beat her and gang rape her. She will be reviled by everyone! But….then I’ll take her back. To humble her. Because I will remind her every day that she’s a dirty whore, but that I forgive her. I can’t wait to watch that proud mouth quiver in humiliation!


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