Ezekiel 12: The wall

Another time, God spoke to me, Human, none of your fellow humans listen, so I want you to do this. Pack a bag like you are going into exile again and set it outside your door in the morning so everyone will see it.  Then, in the evening, dig a hole through the city wall and leave through it.

So I packed my bag and set it outside, and soon, people started asking if I was going on a trip or moving, but I just shrugged. But when I started digging a hole through the city wall, people really came to stare. They were all, What are you doing? Are you crazy? Is he crazy? Should we call the guards? Why didn’t he just leave through that gate there earlier? I mean, his bag’s been packed all dally. Must be crazy, right?

I did my best to ignore them, and when I broke through the other side, I took my bag and wandered a little way off. But not too far, because I was afraid of robbers and lions and jackals and things. Eventually, I climbed a tree and fell asleep. God’s voice woke me up and told me to return to town and tell everyone what my actions symbolized.

So I went back–and I drew a crowd. Everyone was all, Hey! There’s that guy who damaged the wall yesterday! When I had a good-sized crowd, I told them that I was a sign from God! The king in Jerusalem will soon be going into exile with as little as his poorest subject! He will march unseeing to Babylon, and there he will die! And the Jews God does not kill with war and famine will be scattered in exile!

And another time, God commanded me to shudder and shake anytime I ate or drank to symbolize the fear those in Jerusalem felt when they ate their scant meals.

And another time, God said to me, Human! You guys have a proverb that prophecies are made, but they never come true?! Well, I’ll make you all sorry for that! I will show the scoffers! My time is not human time! All will come to pass!


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