Ezekiel 11: Home again

God pulled me into the cherubim ship and we flew to the east gate of the Temple where Jazzaniah ben Azzut and Pelatiah ben Benaiah were exhorting the people to have hope! They said, The construction industry is booming! New houses are being built every day. The economy is improving. Jobs are coming back. Surely this peace will hold!

God turned to me and was all, They’re wrong, you know. You need to tell all the humans how wrong they are. Jerusalem is doomed! War will come! People will die!

At that moment Pelatiah fell over dead! I quaked in terror, but God just said, Human, the people left in Judah are rejoicing that you exiles are gone because now there’s more land and jobs for them. I don’t like them. So you need to remind everyone that one day, I will allow the remnants of the tribes of Israel to reclaim the Promised Land!

Then God took me back home, and I told everyone what I had seen.

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