Jeremiah 38: Jeremiah’s in the well

Although Jeremiah was in prison, Pashur, his son, and some other officials didn’t think that was punishment enough because everyone knew about his prophesying defeat and destruction and it was really demoralizing. So they asked the king to have Jeremiah executed. Zedekiah was all, I gave him my word that I wouldn’t kill him, but….. So the officials seized Jeremiah and threw him into Prince Malchiah’s well. Unfortunately,  there was no water in the well, so Jeremiah just sunk into the mud.

When Ebed-melech, an Ethiopian eunuch who belonged to the king, heard what had happened, he stormed to Zedekiah and was all, Sire, those officials have committed a great evil! So Zedekiah told him to take some men and get Jeremiah out of the well.

After Jeremiah got cleaned up, Zedekiah called him before the throne and was all, I want you to answer all my questions truthfully. Jeremiah was all, Why? It’s not like you will follow my words, and chances are, you’ll just let your officials try to execute me again. So Zedekiah pinky swore that he wouldn’t let anyone try to kill Jeremiah anymore, and Jeremiah told him that if he would surrender to Nebucandnezzar, then his life would be spared, but if the war continued, then the Judeans would lose, the city would burn, and Zedekiah murdered.  Zedekiah was all, If I surrender, then my own people will execute me! Jeremiah was all, No, they won’t. But if you don’t surrender, all the women in your harem will curse you before they are taken captive to Babylon. Zedekiah was all, Ok, Ok, enough. Let’s keep this meeting between us, If my officials ask what we talked about, just tell them you begged for your life, ok?

Jeremiah complied, and stayed in prison until Jerusalem fell.

(Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve been busy!)


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