Jeremiah 28: The yoke is broken

But another prophet, Hananiah, confronted Jeremiah with , God had told me that within two years, all the Temple goods will be restored, as will King Jehoiachin, and Babylon defeated.

Jeremiah replied, I hope what you say is true, brother. But all the prophets before us have prophesied famine, and war, and death, just like I do. If ever a prophet foresees peace and it happens, that man will truly be from God.

At that jab, Hananiah ripped the yoke from around Jeremiah’s neck and broke it, and was all, This is what God will do to Nebuchadnezzar’s yoke on us!

Later, Jeremiah went privately to Hananiah and was all, God says that for breaking my yoke God is putting an iron one on you. Look, we both know you weren’t sent by God and don’t actually talk to It. You’re a liar. You’re going to die before the year is out.

And Hananiah died around 7 months later.


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