Jeremiah 26: More death threats

Around that time, on another occasion when Jeremiah was at the Temple telling everyone they were doomed, doomed! the priests and other folk had had enough. They seized on Jeremiah to put him to death for saying bad things about the city. So officials were called, to make it all above-board-like, and Jeremiah was all,  Y’all can kill me all you want, it doesn’t change anything. God still told me to tell you that It was pissed and going to kill you all! So the officials, especially this one cat named Ahikan, were all, Dude says he’s from God. It’d be a sin to kill him just because we don’t like God’s message. So the mob dispersed. Some were ok with decision, citing when Hezekiah didn’t kill Micah for his ill-omens. Others were pissy because King Jehoiakim had started a new trend, killing annoying negative prophets, like that other dude, Urich.

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