Isaiah 45: Other gods are stupid and fake

Isaiah continued, God says King Cyrus is Its tool and does Its bidding! By Its aid Cyrus defeats other kings, breaks all gates, destroys all temples and claims their treasures for his own! But God doesn’t lend Its strength to Cyrus because he deserves it. No! God does all this to show Cyrus that It is the only real god and It loves the descendants of Jacob best! God helps Cyrus for Its own glory! To show the whole world that It is the best god. The only real god.

God says, Good things come to those who believe in me. But woe! Woe to those who question me, who defy me! Does the clay question the potter? Does the sperm question the man? Does the zygote question the woman? I am these and more! I made you! I am your creator! And I will treat you right, oh descendants of Jacob. Wealthy nations like Cush and Egypt will beg you to make trade deals with them. Nations of hot people like the Sabeans will want to be your slaves because they will know that I am with you. I am the only true god! All the other gods and the people that worship them are just stupid. Those gods are totally fake! But I’m real, and I’m the only one that can make Israel great again!


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