Isaiah 43: Only God can save you

Listen everyone, said Isaiah, God says that It created you. It redeemed you. So you belong to It. It is always watching. It is always with you. It is with you when you cross rivers. It is with you when you walk through flames. It loves you! God would rather see all the rest of the world burn and starve rather than to see one single Jew in peril. It might have hurt you in the past, but now It will treat you better. It will bring you back to the Promised Land.

If you don’t believe me, go ask other people about their gods and see if their prophecies are true. If they promise to love and protect you like our God does? You know our God is the only God. It says It existed way before any other god was thought up. It promises It will bring all the exiles back from Babylon and send all the Babylonians into exile. God says to forget that It was the one that parted the Red Sea and saved your ancestors from the Egyptians. It says to focus on the things It will do and to forget the pains of the past. It will save you, even though you all are a faithless lot that cheats on It and forgets It and never prays or sacrifices to It.


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