Isaiah 42: Listen to Isaiah

God has told me to tell you all that you need to listen to me! It put Its spirit upon me and sent me here to tell you what It wants you to do! God is saying to me right now, Tell them: Listen to my servant Isaiah. I can hear It and if you were holier, you’d hear It too.

God says to tell you that I am a covenant for the people and a light  for the Gentiles. Me, Isaiah. I’m a light for you all.

So you should all sing praises to God because It has told me that It will save you. If you are blind, It will make you see! I know life sucks for a lot of you right now, what with the wars and the plundering, and the horrific skin diseases, but all that’s happened because you offended God. You deserve all that stuff. But God isn’t mad anymore. It promises to save you all, if you will just repent for your sins and praise Its name. Repent, praise, and then you will get to loot and plunder the next group of people God wants to punish!



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