Isaiah 6: Isaiah’s origin story

So Isaiah became a prophet the year that King Uzziah died. He had this vision of God surrounded by six seraphim. Each of the six seraphim had six wings. Two covered their faces, two their privates, and they flew with the other two. When Isaiah saw this, he cried out, Woe is me! I am unworthy! Ima die, right!

Then a seraph flew down and held a burning coal to his lips and it burned, but it didn’t. Then it said, Now you are clean, mortal!

Then God was all, Who shall I send?

And Isaiah was all, Here I am! Send me!

So God was all, Ok, you can go preach my words. But no one will listen to you.

Isaiah was all, That’s ok! How long shall I preach?

And God was all, Oh, until the Promised Land is a waste, burnt and desolate and all my people are in exile.

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