Isaiah 5: The world’s a dumpster fire

Isaiah preached, Imagine that God is like a man with a vineyard, a vineyard that was carefully tended, fenced, guarded, seeded with the best grapes, but when harvest came, only wild grapes had grown! Should that man replant his vineyard and try again? God says no! No! God will not resow the vineyard! It will tear down the fences and let chaotic nature reclaim that ungrateful piece of land! And you,  Judah, are that vineyard!

Woe to greedy real estate moguls! Your investments will lose money!

Woe to people who drink all day and go to bars to listen to bands!

Woe to liars! Woe to equivocators! Woe to bribe-takers!

Woe to those fools who call on God to hurry up with the end of the world!

Sheol has widened it’s gaping mouth and all will perish in that blazing dumpster fire! The Jews will be sent into exile. Lo! God calls upon foreign armies to invade and they are ready!


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