Isaiah 3: Isaiah says God doesn’t like slutty women either

God will make food and water scarce–and God will make good leaders even scarcer! There will be no wise  men, no prophets. No leaders and no generals. Good men asked to lead will refuse. Instead callow boys and women will lead you! Laws will be overturned. Everyone will be rude. Justice will be perverted. Dogs will snuggle with cats!

God is particularly scandalized by these modern women! They are so snobby and slutty! So God will cover their beauty with scabs! It will take away their finery–their bracelets and anklets, their earrings and nose rings, their necklaces and headbands! Even their perfumes and fancy clothes and mink stoles and expensive handbags. Their hats and scarves and hosiery. All of it will be gone! And God will replace it with rags and stench! God will let everyone see their pu…their lady parts!


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