Proverbs 31: King Lemuel’s mother’s advice

Be a simple kind of man, do this for for me son, if you can.

Be a fair judge and speak for the voiceless.

Don’t get hooked on beer or wine–alcohol is for the poor so they can drown their misery.

Don’t chase skirts or hang out with spendthrifts.

Find a woman. One who is more valuable than rubies. She treats her man well. She’s a great bargain shopper who knows how to make a dollar count. She invest her money wisely in her 401k. She works hard at her job but still makes sure the house is clean and all the meals are well-cooked and served on time. She does charity work in her spare time. She’s smart and well-respected–as is the man who wins her. She might not be the prettiest, but everyone likes her.


(and so ends Proverbs. Stay tuned for Ecclesiastes, which seems to have been written during Solomon’s emo phase) 


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