Proverbs 25

The next few chapters are Solomon’s proverbs according to King Hezekiah:

Bosses seek God’s truth and they can’t be understood by underlings.

Firing bad workers is like removing impurities from silver.

If you show off in front of the boss, he’ll probably humiliate you in front of his assistants.

Being disciplined by the boss is better than a reward.

A faithful employee is like lemonade on a summer’s day.

Persuade the boss with nice words

Don’t narc people out before you know their story.

No one likes a liar, a  fair-weather friend, or, during hard times, the perpetually cheerful.

Don’t over eat or over stay your welcome.

Being nice to your enemies is a better revenge than being harsh.

No self-control lets anyone who wants control you.

It’s just sad when  dumb person tries too hard.




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