Proverbs 14

Floozy doesn’t keep house; Faithful’s house is tidy and well-maintained.

It takes money to make money

Doofus never learns; Decent is quick.

Doofus tries hard, but fails; Decent will always succeed.

Doofus’s pride gets him into trouble; Decent’s prudence protects him.

Doofus lets his temper get the best of him; Decent stays cool-headed and patient.

Doofus mocks people; Decent would never stoop so low.

Doofus is a liar; Decent is honest.

Decent helps his needy neighbors; Doofus shuns them.

Doofus is full of envy; Decent is content.

Doofus seems happy but is really depressed; Decent controls his emotions with anti-depressants.

Decent appreciates good employees and fires bad ones–a king needs a large population to be king!

Decent loves and fears God; Doofus despises It.

Doofus does not handle crises well; Decent turns to God.


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