Proverbs 12

Decent lives within his means; Doofus lives on credit.

Doofus abuses his animals; Decent volunteers at his local shelter.

Decent is established; Doofus is struggling to be noticed.

Decent works hard and has a light heart; Doofus is lazy and full of fears.

Doofus lies catch up with him; Decent’s word is his bond.

Doofus is full of himself; Decent listens to advise.

Decent appreciates being corrected and is therefore smart; Doofus avoids punishment and is stupid.

Decent has nice friends; Doofus hangs out with losers.

Doofus will fail; Decent will succeed.

Everyone loves Decent and hates Doofus.

God loves Decent but hates people who scheme like Doofus.

Floozy is like arthritis for her husband; Faithful is like healthy bones.


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