Psalm 81: God will be your father figure

That’s all God wants,

something special, something sacred

in your eyes.

For just one moment

bow low and humble

at Its feet.

Sometimes I think that you’ll never understand.

Maybe this time, perhaps?

Say it can be.

That’s all God wants.

Something special, something sacred.

All your life.

Just to worship

all low and humble

at God’s feet.

God will be your father figure.

Put your helpless hand in Its.

It will be your preacher teacher,

anything you had in mind.

God will be your father figure.

It has had enough of lying.

It will be the one that loves you

‘Til the end of time.

Psalm 80: God could take us high enough

We know you don’t want to hear about us anymore.

It’s a shame if we’ve got to live without God anymore.

There’sĀ famine in the park,

A fire on the plain, It’s driving us crazy.

Please don’t make us pray about it anymore.

Yesterday’s just a memory, can we close the door?

We just made one mistake.

We didn’t burn the sheep daily.

Don’t say goodnight.

Say you’re gonna stay forever.

Oh God, all the way.

You can take us high enough

to fly us over yesterday.

Psalm 79: Since God’s gone

Since you’re gone, life is getting strange.

Since you’re gone, nothing’s making sense.

Since you’re gone, we stumble in the shade.

Since you’re gone, everybody’s really tense.

You could help us not fall apart.

You could help us. Please, you’d better start.

And don’t forget about us.

Since you’re gone, the neighbors are enraged.

Since you’ve gone and thrown us all away.

You could help us not be a mess.

You could stop all the treacherous.

Psalm 78

Listen to the story of our people.

We are mighty and not feeble.

God chose us to be Its nation.

Jacob’s sons were Its foundation.

It led us out of Egypt.

Wouldn’t let Pharaoh reach us.

Fed us manna in the desert

and water from the rocks spurted out.

But our people sinned and angered God.

Learned what it was like to feel Its rod.

Plagues and famines, floods and danger.

Wars, rape, murder and exile.

Psalm 76: God is the champion

God’s paid Its dues

time after time.

It’s passed your sentence

and determined your time.

And bad mistakes

It can never do.

You know you deserve being kicked in your face

As is your due.

God is the champion, my friends.

And It’ll keep on smiting ’til the end.

It is the champion.

It is the champion.

All else are losers.

‘Cuz God is the champion of the world.