Esther 5: The trap is set

After her fast, Esther put on her most beautiful royal robes and went to stand outside of the throne room in hopes that the king would grant her audience. When Ahasuerus saw her in all her beauty, he remembered why he had chosen her as queen and held out his golden scepter for her to approach.

When she was before him, Ahasuerus was all, What do you wish, my queen? I will grant you whatever, unto half my kingdom!

Esther looked down at her toes and was all, I only ask, my lord, that you and your right hand man come to a feast I have prepared for you this evening. 

Ahasuerus shouted, Find Haman immediately! Then they went to Esther’s feast.

Afterwards, the king again asked Esther what he could do for her? But Esther again demurely replied, join me for another feast tomorrow, my king, and then if I am still pleasing to you, I will make my request.

That night Haman went home and bragged to his wife and all his friends about how awesome and rich he was–how even the queen had honored him with a feast! Alas, he said, my happiness would be complete if only that bastard Mordecai the Jew was no more!

His friends suggested that he have a gallows erected and hang Mordecai as an aperitif before the next day’s feast.


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