II Kings 24: The end is nigh

Then the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, son of the king who helped bring the Assyrian empire to an end, came and conquered Judah and demanded tribute. Jehoiakim paid up for three years, but then refused, so Babylon and its other tribute kingdoms–Joab, Chaldea, Syria, etc.–made constant war on Judah. When Jehoiakim died, his son Jehoiachin became king. But, he only ruled for three months before Nebuchadnezzar took him hostage to guarantee Judah’s future cooperation.  Nebuchadnezzar also stole all the gold and silver treasures from the palace and Temple. He also enslaved all of the royal household, the nobles, the soldiers, even the craftspeople and drove them back to Babylon. He left Jehoiachin’s uncle, whose name he changed to Zedekiah, in charge. But before too long, Zedekiah decided to bring back that other old time religion of Baal and rebelled against Babylon.


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