II Kings 23

Josiah brought back the old-old time religion. He was super zealous in following all the newly discovered laws and making sure all his people did too. He destroyed all religious icons and temples, including the elaborate altar commissioned by Ahaz and the calves commissioned centuries earlier by Jeroboam. He outlawed necromancy. He even eradicated the religious male prostitution that had sprung back up. He also rounded up all the priests for these various outlawed religions and burned them on the altar as human sacrifice. Then he made people celebrate Passover for the first time in centuries.

Because Judah was a tribute kingdom, when Assyria and Egypt had to defend the empire against rebellious Babylon and its allies, Josiah and his forces went out to war. Josiah died. So his son Jehohaz became king. But, he only reigned three months because Pharaoh Neco took him as ransom and demanded a yearly tribute of nearly four tons of silver and 75 pounds of gold. Neco left Josiah’s other son Eliakim as king-but he changed his name to Jehoiakim. Jehoiakim reigned 11 years.


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