II Kings 20

This other time, Hezekiah was really sick, so he consulted with Isaiah, and Isaiah was all, well God says you’re going to die. Then Hezekiah cried like a MRA dude upon learning a woman got cast in a lead in a movie he thinks should be for him and was all, But God, I’ve served you so well! Why are you doing this to me? That made God feel bad and stuff, so It was all, Psst, Isaiah, go back and tell Hezekiah that I’ve changed my mind, and I’ll let him live….uh…let’s see, I’ve got that Babylon thing planned for….uh, 15 years?

Soon after arrived flunkies from Prince Merodoch-baladan of Babylon with get well wishes. Hezekiah was feeling punch drunk and proud with his promise of 1.5 decades from God, so he took the messengers all around the palace and through the storerooms and treasuries and Temple to show off all his riches. Later, Isaiah was all, You fool! Now one day all the riches of Judah will be carried off to Babylon!

In 15 years, when Hezekiah died, his son Manasseh became king.


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