II Kings 13: Elisha dies

Back in Israel, about twenty years later, Jehu’s son Jehoahaz inherited the throne. He was a good follower of God and God helped him fend off Hazael’s son, whom he named Ben-hadad after the man he murdered. Unfortunately his reign was short, and in seven years Jehoash was king.

In the meantime, Elisha fell sick and Johoash of Israel went to mourn at his sickbed. Elisha told him to shoot the arrow of victory and then to bang the quiver on the ground. Jehu only struck the ground three times, which disappointed Elisha because he said that would be the number of victories over Syria.

Then Elisha died and was buried. Later, when the grave was going to be reused, when the dead body was thrown on top of Elisha’s bones, it came back to life.

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