II Kings 8

Elisha warned the wealthy woman in Shumen about the long famine mentioned earlier before it happened so that she and her family could emigrate. They spent the seven years of the famine in Philistia and when it was over, Elisha made sure the king gave them back their land.

Elisha’s travels took him to Damascus and there King Ben-hadad lay ill, so he sent his servant Hazael to inquire of Elisha about his chances of recovery. Elisha was all, tell him he’ll get better. I mean, he’ll die, but tell him anyway. Then he stared at Hazael a long time. Just as Hazael was getting really uncomfortable, Elisha burst into tears. At this, Hazael was completely taken aback, and was all, What’s wrong with you?

Elisha was all, I can foresee all the horrors you will rain upon Israel–the young men slaughtered, the cities burned, the brains of the babies dashed upon rocks, the eviscerated abdomens of pregnant women. Hazael was all, Wait, what? Elisha continued, For God has shown me that you will be king of Syria! 

Hazael slowly returned to Ben-hadad, lost in thought. The king was all, Well? What did Elisha say? Hazael was all, What? Oh. He said you’ll recover. But early the next morning, Hazael sneaked inside the king’s bedroom and suffocated him.

Meanwhile, in Judah, Jehoshaphat’s son Jehoram inherited the throne. Now he was all into Baal and Ashtaroth because his wife was Ahab’s daughter Athaliah (who was also the sister of Jehoram, king of Israel).

The only notable event about the Judah Jehoram’s reign is that Edom rebelled and Judah lost control of it.

Unfortunately, Jehoram only ruled Judah for a few years before he died. His son Ahaziah became king. Then he and Jeroham of Israel made war on King Hazael of Syria. Jehoram was wounded and the kings retreated to Jezreel.

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