II Kings 4: Elisha does more things

One day a widow whose husband had been a follower of Elisha came to him and was all, my husband left me badly in debt, and now the creditors are threatening to take my sons to sell into slavery for it! What should I do?!

Elisha was all, well, what do you have in your house? And the woman was all, Nothing! It’s all been sold! Well, except for a jug of oil. Then Elisha was all, Ok, go borrow as many vessels as you can, and fill them all with oil and then sell it and pay your debts!

Another time, during this bad famine that we’ll learn more about later, Elisha was visiting Gilgal and his servant Gehazi was making stew. One of Elisha’s followers went out to gather herbs and he saw some likely gourds that he put in too. Unfortunately, they were poisonous; however, Elisha miraculously purified it with some flour. 

And still yet another time, some dude brought Elisha 20 loaves of bread and some grain as a first fruit offering, and Elisha made it stretch enough to feed 100 men.

Elisha also frequently traveled through Shumen, and this wealthy woman there gave him a standing invitation to eat and stay at her house. She went so far as to make a spare bedroom just for Elisha, with a bed, table and lamp for his convenience. Elisha sent his servant to ask her what she wanted in return for her hospitality, but she refused all favors. Elisha was stumped until his servant remembered that the woman had no son and her husband was old. So before he left that visit, Elisha assured her she would have a son by that time next year.

Several years later, the boy went with his father to see  reapers in the field and was overcome with heatstroke. He was carried back home, and he apparently died in his mother’s lap. She laid him in Elisha’s bed and ordered her donkey and rode to Elisha at Mount Carmel. She fell at his feet and wept her woes. Elisha told Gehazi to take his magic staff and hurry to the woman’s house and place it on the boy and to be certain to not speak to anyone on the way! Then Elisha and the woman followed as quickly as they could. When they got there, the boy was still dead, so Elisha lay on him to perform primitive, magic CPR and raised him from the dead.

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