I Kings 11: Solomon Angers God

But all wasn’t uniformly peaceful during Solomon’s forty year reign.

For instance, back in David’s day, Joab had permitted a royal of prince from Edom, Hadad, escape to Egypt, and the Pharaoh had given him asylum. When Hadad heard that David was dead, he gathered a band and skirmished with the Hebrews settled in Edom.

Rezon of Zobah had also escaped David, and he and a band took over Damascus and made frequent raids upon Israel.

But for the most part, Solomon’s kingdom was prosperous. He not only collected gold and goods, but women. He had 700 princesses for wives and another 300 concubines, and since Solomon liked variety, these women came from every people the Hebrews had any sort of contact with–trade or subjugation–including all the forbidden groups from Leviticus, because suddenly God’s upset about that again, even though it had been going on for forever and Solomon himself had a Moabite ancestor. 

In any case, Solomon wanted to keep all his women happy, so he not only permitted them to worship their own gods, he built them temples and idols and worshiped with them. He built a high place for Chemosh, the Moabite god; temples for Molech and Mikom, Ammonite gods; and asherim the Sidonian goddess Ashtoreth.

All this cheating angered God–It didn’t like being snubbed by a favorite son that It had deemed to talk to, so It told Solomon that It would rip ten of the tribes away from his son as punishment.

Then God sent the prophet Ahijah to meet with one of Solomon’s best bureaucrats, Jeroboam, to tell tell him that God would give ten of the tribes to him to rule. When Solomon heard the prophecy, he sought Jeroboam’s life, but Jeroboam also found refuge in Egypt.


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