II Samuel 1: David Mourns Saul

David and his men began rebuilding Ziklag and settling their families back in. But on the second day, a bloody and ragged Amalekite soldier stumbled into town and dropped on the ground before David. David was all, Who are you? The guy was all, I come from Saul’s camp to bring you word that Saul and his sons are dead. David was all, Yeah? And how do you know that? And the guy was all, Because I came upon Saul, pierced on his sword, dying, and he begged me to put him out of his misery, so I did. Then I took his sword and armlet to bring to you.

David lamented loudly and commanded his men to put on sackcloth and ashes and mourn and fast for the rest of the day–But only after they killed that dirty Amalekite for daring to lay his filthy hands upon God’s anointed.

Then David wrote this elegy to Saul and Jonathan

Israel’s glory  has departed;

How the mighty have fallen.

Yet quietly mourn, ye Hebrews

Lest the Philistines be gladdened.

Mount Gilboa be barren, dry,

for there anointed blood fell.

The spear of Saul, the bow of Jonathan,

there forever shall dwell.

Saul and Jonathan belov’d and

lovely, swifter than eagles,

stronger than lions, adorned in

scarlet and gold most regal.

Jonathan my brother, I mourn thee.

You were my best friend, my

bro, you I loved more than women.

Oh Lord, why? My Lord why?

Oh, how the might have fallen

in the midst of battle.

How the mighty have fallen and

the weapons of war rattle.

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