I Samuel 19: Wherein Saul’s Children Save David

Saul grew so discontented and murderous that he began plotting and scheming against David in front of Jonathan and the servants.

But Jonathan and David had solemnly pinky swore before God to be BFFs and forever wasn’t over yet. So Jonathan warned David that his father was plotting to kill him. David was all, What? Huh? Why? You’re joking right? So Jonathan was all, Ok, fine, I’ll prove it. You know our special spot in the field,  by the cairn of stones? Hide over there tomorrow, and I’ll go walking with my father and get him to talk about you. You’ll hear it from his own mouth.

So David hid by the ezel, and Jonathan and Saul went walking. Of course Saul ranted the entire time about how much he hated David and wished he were dead. But Jonathan kept talking David up, reminding Saul about all the great things he had done for Saul, like killing Goliath and hundreds of other Philistines and playing the lyre and laughing at his jokes until Saul came around and promised not to have David killed. Later Jonathan got the two together for a beer and a hug and the family was happy together again, just like the old days. 

But when the season of war with the Philistines rolled around again, and again David won victory and fame, Saul was again filled with envy and bile. Again, Saul tried to impale David with a spear while he was playing the lyre. This time David immediately made his escape and fled home.

There, Michal told him he’d better get out of Gibeah while he could. So she packed him a sandwich and some wine and a clean ephod and lowered a rope down the window so he could escape. Then she took some clothes and some goat pelts and made it look like he was asleep in bed. Before too long, here comes some messengers from Saul, requesting David to come to court. Michal was all, Shhhhhh! He’s asleep in bed. He’s really sick. Tell my father David can’t come.

The messengers returned to Saul and told him David was sick and couldn’t come. Saul was all, And? I’m the king. I don’t care if he’s dying. Drag him out of bed and before me. So the messengers went back to drag David out of bed. When they found that they had been duped, they dragged Michal before Saul instead. Michal lied to her father and claimed that David had threatened to kill her if she didn’t help him escape.

David fled to Samuel in Ramah, where they worshiped and prophesied together. Saul sent messengers to seize David, but they were overcome by the holy spirit and began prophesying. He sent some more, but they began prophesying too. So Saul went, but he was also overcome and fell prostrate on the ground, preaching the Lord’s truth.

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