I Samuel 10: Samuel Anoints Saul

When the servant was out of sight, Samuel told Saul to rest a moment so they could chat. Then Samuel took out a flask of holy oil and poured it over Saul’s head and kissed him and told him that God had appointed him to be King of Israel and the savior of the Hebrews. Saul must have looked skeptical, because Samuel told him that if the following things occurred, Saul should take them as signs that Samuel was telling the truth. Samuel was all, this is what will happen after you part from me. Later today you will meet two men at Rachel’s tomb in Zelzah, and they will tell you to hurry home because your father is worried. Next you will meet three men traveling to Bethel near the the Oak of Tabor. One will be carrying three kids, the other a sack of bread and the third a skin of wine. They will greet you and give you two loaves of bread. Then, when you get to Gibeath-elohim where the Philistines are garrisoned, you will meet a bunch of people playing music and prophesying, and you will be inspired to join them. If these things happen, you will know that I am telling the truth and that God has chosen you to be king. When you go to Gilgal, wait seven days for me and I will join you. 

Behold, all came to pass exactly as Samuel foretold. When Saul got home, his uncle was all, where have you been, boy? Saul was all, well we went to find the donkeys and then we decided to stop to see the prophet Samuel. The uncle was all, And what did the prophet tell you? Saul was all, well he told us the donkeys were found and to head home. He decided to keep mum about all the king stuff.

Sometime later, Samuel called a gathering of all the tribes at Mizpah so that they could draw lots to determine who would be king. Of course Saul won the drawing, but he was out hiding with the livestock because the whole proceeding was a bit embarrassing, with the crowd calling his name and all. Nevertheless, he was dragged out into the firelight and everyone was impressed by how tall and handsome he was.

Samuel proclaimed Saul king and explained to everyone what the duties and rights of a king were to be. Then everyone returned home, including Saul, but he had a new honor guard. Some people grumbled against Saul as the new king and decided not to honor him with gifts. Saul noted who they were, but decided the time was not yet ripe to act.

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