I Samuel 9: Samuel Meets Saul

Once upon a time there was a wealthy man of Benjamin named Kish. Kish had a son named Saul who was very handsome and tall–like a good foot taller than everyone else, really.

Anyway, one day Kish’s donkeys went astray, so he sent Saul and a servant to go look for them. For some reason these two keep traveling for several days, I don’t know, maybe the needed a vacation? Like all the way through Ephraim and Shalisah and Shalim. Around that time Saul was all, we’d better head back before Father starts to worry about me more than the donkeys! Plus we’re out of food and I didn’t think to bring any shekels with me.

But the servant was all, I heard that there’s this amazing prophet around here. Let’s head on into Zuph and ask him where the donkeys are. Saul was all, that would be a great idea if I had any money to pay him. The servant was all, don’t worry! I got us covered! I brought a quarter shekel with me for just such a circumstance! A

So the pair hiked up the hill into town, where they met a bevy of young women heading out to draw water. The girls told them they’d better hurry, because Samuel would be going up to the holy place to bless the sacrifice and feast. So on they hurried. They caught up with Samuel just a few moments later. Mostly because God had starting whispering to Samuel that the tall. handsome fellow hurrying up to him was the promised king of Israel, so Samuel decided to stop and wait for them to catch up.

Saul was all, excuse me, sir, but could you tell us which way the prophet lives? Samuel was all, you found him, son. Now come along with me to the sacrifice and be my guest at the feast. I’ll tell you what you’ve come to learn in the morning. Samuel turned to continue, but then turned back and was all, And oh, the donkeys were found days ago, and your father is beginning to worry. Now come along. Saul sputtered out, but why are you treating me with so much honor? I’m from an insignificant clan of Benjamin, the lowliest tribe in Israel?! Samuel just smiled and continued up the hill.

When they got to the holy place, Samuel  sat Saul in a place of honor and then went and told the cook that the tall man was the person for whom Samuel had asked him to save the roast leg.

After the feast, Saul stayed the night at Samuel’s house and slept on the roof. At dawn, Samuel awoke Saul, telling him it was time he was on his way home, and asking if it’d be okay if Samuel walked a little way with him that morning?

When they got outside the city gates, Samuel asked Saul to send the servant on ahead so that they could have a private word.

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