Judges 10

Next, Tola an Issacharite from Ephraim arose and ruled the land for twenty-three years.

Then Jain the Gileadite ruled for twenty-two years. Each of his thirty sons wrote saddled donkeys and ruled a city apiece.

But the Hebrews kept whoring after Baal and Ashtaroth, as well as the gods of Syria, Sidon, Moab, Ammon, Philistia, and pretty much any other god or goddess or nifty idol that took their fancy.  Eventually God completely forsook them, and then the Philistines and Ammorites ruthlessly conquered the Hebrews east of the Jordan and ground them under for eighteen years.

From there, the Ammorites raided Judah, Benjamine, and Ephraim. So the Hebrews repented and cried out to God. At first God was all, screw you guys. Why don’t you cheaters go ask your new gods for help. But the Hebrews kept whining and apologizing and were all, we’re horrible sinners, we deserve to be punished! We promise to get rid of all these other gods and come back to you, God, if you’ll help us out! And after the land is ours again, you can punish us all you want.  So God was all, fine.

The main Hebrew resistance was at Mizpah in Gilead, which the Ammorites was besieging and attacking. The Gileadites declared that whoever was willing and able to lead them to victory would become the chief of Gilead.

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