Joshua 24: Joshua Dies

Joshua reminded the Hebrews of their history, that their ancestor Abraham had been chosen  by God to abandon his ancestral gods to worship God and that God had promised him and his descendants Isaac and Jacob the Promised Land. And also the whole Egypt adventure, and the wandering through the desert, and the recent wars of empire and genocide. And because of all that, everyone needed to swear to always be true to God and to follow Its rules.

So everyone swore to always be faithful to God.

Then Joshua had new copies of all the rules made and a large stone set up as a monument to this most recent oath, near Shechem.

A short time later, Joshua died and was buried in Ephraim.

Oh, and Joseph’s bones that were carried out of Egypt were also buried near Shechem in a field that Jacob had bought from the sons of Hamor.

Not long after, Eleazar died too, and he was also buried in Ephraim, because that’s where Phinehas had been assigned.

(and so ends Joshua. We’re trucking along, folks!)

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