Joshua 11: Conquering Northern Canaan

By this time, the folk in northern Canaan were beginning to freak out a bit about the Hebrew threat. So Jabin, King of Hazor and the high king of the area, parlayed with Jobab, King of Madon and the kings of Shimron and Achshaph, and well, just about every other king or warlord in the area to convince them to join forces to defend themselves against the encroaching Hebrews.

The resulting army was huge, with many divisions of charioteers and cavalry. But God whispered to Joshua not to worry, that the Hebrews would burn the chariots and hamstring the horses.

The Hebrews managed to ambush the army near Lake Merom. The forces were sent into complete confusion and scattered as far east as the Valley of Mizpah. Joshua took God’s whisper as a command and hamstrung and burned along with the slaughter.

Then Joshua turned his forces back and razed Hazor to the ground. Next the Hebrews systematically destroyed every city and town that had acted as the base for one of the forces of the northern kings.

Everywhere the Hebrews went, they slaughtered every man, woman, and child, every donkey, cow and goat–every human and domesticated animal. Everyone but the Gibeonites.

Of course all this razing and slaughtering took a long time. But eventually the Hebrews occupied all of the hill country, the Negeb, the Goshen, and the Arabah–most of the land they had been promised by God. Joshua and the Hebrews had pushed the former inhabitants into a few strongholds scattered along the coasts and outposts in Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod.


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