Joshua 1: Joshua Takes Over

After Moses was dead, God told Joshua that he was to lead the Hebrews across the Jordan and conquer all the land and that God would help. god was all, look bro, be brave and follow my rules and you will never be defeated as long as you live. No matter how grim things look, never despair for I am with you.

Toward the end of the mourning period, Joshua ordered the officers to warn people that they would be breaking camp in three days. Then he went to the Reubenites, Gadites, and Manassehites and reminded them of their promise to send fighting men. They were all, we hear you bro, and we will fulfill our promise. We’ll follow you and may God be with you like It was with Moses.

One thought on “Joshua 1: Joshua Takes Over

  1. […] One day there was this girl named Mary and she was engaged to this man named Joseph. But even though Joseph had never gotten so much as a cuddle, Mary’s tummy started protruding through her smock. She was clearly pregnant. Since Joseph was a decent dude, and he didn’t want her stoned to death for adultery, he decided he’d break up with her all quiet-like. The night before he was going to end things, however, he dreamed of an angel that said it was God that had knocked Mary up, so he needed to go ahead and marry her to make an honest woman of her and to raise God’s kid, who was the savior of the world all those prophets promised. The angel told Joseph to name the kid Jesus, which is cooler version of Joshua, after all the other Joshuas God had favored. […]


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