Deuteronomy 31: Passing on the Power

(Sorry for being a bit behind on the posts. It’s midterm, so there’s been a lot of grading!)

Moses was all, look guys, I’m 120. I’m beginning to feel like butter scraped over too much bread. God’s told me that I won’t be crossing over the Jordan with you. But Joshua here, he will lead you while you conquer the other side, just as he’s led you in battle on this side against the Amorite kings. So be strong! Be brave! God will help you and guide you.

Moses then ceremoniously handed over the scrolls of laws that he had been inscribing ever since Mount Sinai to the elders and told them to store them in the Ark of the Covenant, but that every seven years at the Festival of Booths, the laws should be read out loud to everyone to remind them of how they were supposed to live in order to keep the land.

The Moses and Joshua went before the tent of meeting and God was there in Its cloud form. While the two were standing there in the final ceremony of Moses transferring leadership to Joshua, God started whispering to Moses, hey dude, you know that as soon as you’re dead, these people are going to stray and start cheating on me right? They’ll whore around with other gods and forget everything you’ve ever told them, and then when my curses start falling on their heads, they’ll whine and execrate your memory. So basically your entire life’s been pointless, dude.

To Joshua, God whispered, Be strong and courageous, man. I’ve got your back. All I’ve promised, you’ll do. You will lead this people to victory.

But to Moses, God kept whispering, there’s no way these people will stay on the straight and narrow. Unless….. maybe if you teach this this song I’m going to sing to you, then just maybe, it will remind them and their future generations on how to live in order to keep enjoying the fat of the land that I’ve promised.

So then Moses taught the people this song:

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