Deuteronomy 22

Moses kept on with the laws, some old, some new. Like, if someone loses something, don’t be a dick, but pick it up and give it back. And cross-dressers are abominations. Or Don’t kill a bird and her young on the same day.  And put railings on your roofs so people don’t fall off and die.

He reminded them that God really hates it when they mix unlike things, like two kinds of seeds or two types of threads.

He explained that if a man accused his new wife of not being a virgin, and she could prove she was, then he was to be whipped, fined 40 ounces of silver and he was never allowed to divorce her. But if she wasn’t a virgin–or couldn’t prove she was–then she was to be stoned to death.  And fornicators and adulterers were also to be executed. But if a man raped a unbetrothed virgin, then he had to pay her father 20 ounces of silver and marry her.  But is she was bethrothed, then the man gets executed only.

And oh, it’s a sin for a son to sleep with his father’s wives.

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