Deuteronomy 12

And still Moses continued, let me say again how important it is for you all to destroy the holy places, the relics, and the idols of the people you are about to exterminate. They often build their temples on high hills or mountains and they tend to worship trees or in holy groves–so be diligent in seeking out any place that looks like it might have been used for worship or have spiritual significance and raze it to the ground. Knock down their altars, break their pillars, chop down their idols, and burn their Asherim or holy trees.

And for the love of God, don’t make any inquiry or study into these people’s religious practices, because knowledge and curiosity are just traps! All you need to know is that God hates everything they are currently doing and wants it wiped from the face of the earth. They are bad people, guys. God tells me they even offer their children as burnt sacrifices. Yeah.

After you conquer the Promised Land, God will tell you where to erect Its Sanctuary and that will be where you all need to go to do your worshiping in the manner I have prescribed at length. If you burn sacrifices in places not chosen by God, you will anger It.

Now, I know the rule so far has been that all animals slaughtered needed to be done at the Sanctuary and the blood offered as sacrifice, and you’re probably wondering if you’re ever going to get to eat meat if you settle far from wherever God wants Its tents. But I have good news for you. Once you conquer and settle the Promised Land, you will be able to slaughter and butcher meat for food anywhere you want to! Just be sure to pour out the blood to God. But animals that need to be slaughtered for special sacrifices and offerings, like the first born males, must only occur and their meat eaten at the holy place.

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