Deuteronomy 6

Moses was all, you guys should copy the Ten commandments and plaster them everywhere. Use them for wallpaper. Remember them. Follow them. And seriously,  I cannot emphasize enough to you all how important it is to always worship and adore and obey God and never, ever, never cheat on It.

If you always follow and worship God then It will give the promised lands into your hands, and it will be full of cities and towns with sturdy, nice houses and vineyards and orchards and fields already built and planted for the taking–you know, after you kill all the current inhabitants. And it’s super important that you KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. God knows that if you let any live, the survivors will convince you or your descendants to worship their gods, and God DOES NOT want that. If at any point future generations forget all the stories and rules and stop following them, then God will smite them and take away the promised land! So teach your kids all about God and what God wants them to do.

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