Numbers 26

Then God told Moses and Eleazar to conduct another census since It had smote so many Hebrews since leaving Egypt, to determine the current state of the fighting forces.  There were the following numbers of men over 20

43,730  in the tribe of Reuben
22,200 in Simeon
40,500 in Gad
76,500 in Judah
64,300 in Issachar
60,500 in Zebulun
52,700 in Manessah
32,500 in Ephraim
45,600 in Benjamin
64,400 in Dan
53,400 in Asher
45,400 in Naphtali
for a total of 601,730 fighting men.

God was all, when it comes time to divide the land, you will conquer, draw lots, but assign overall square footage proportionally based on the size of the tribe.

Also, there were 23,000 Levite males.


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