Numbers 11

The Hebrews didn’t much take to wandering around the desert again after having camped so long Sinai, so they started bitching and moaning, especially about all the food they were missing from Egypt–pomegranates, figs, vegetables. Eventually this eventually irritated God and it set fire to the outskirts of camp. That shut up the most egregious of the complaining, but the grumbling continued. When Moses finally complained to God that everyone including God expected him to take care of everything and he was totally exhausted and none of it was fair and he couldn’t take it anymore. So God was all, fine, I’ll give some of the burden to the elders and I’ll provide you so much meat that it sticks in your throats and choke you.

And lo, one day when they were camped at Kibroth-hattaavah, God spread Its spirit around so that all the elders prophesied and then It sent a huge flock of quail to the camp. Like thousands of quail. So everyone started munching down, but it was poison quail and a lot of people got sick and died.

Then the Hebrews broke camp and traveled to Hazeroth.


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