Numbers 10

One day God was all, hey Moses, you guys are going to need to break camp soon, and if it’s going to be at all orderly, you’re going to have to develop some sort of system. So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take some of that silver and make two trumpets and use the following code: two long blasts means everyone gathers, one long blast means only the chiefs gather, one alarm blast means the east side sets out, second alarm blast means the south side sets out, third alarm blast means west side sets out, and the fourth alarm blast means the north side sets out. You should also play the trumpets at festivals and during battles.

About a month after the Tabernacle was set up, God’s cloud lifted, so the Hebrews set out in the orderly fashion demanded by God and started marching toward Paran.

When they were leaving, Moses convinced his brother-in-law Hobab the Midianite to stay with the Hebrews.


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