Numbers 6

God also explained to Moses that It wanted the extra-fanatical followers to form a special club called the Nazarites, so that they could feel extra-special holy. The rules of the club were that no member could eat any grape product–fresh, dried, or fermented; they weren’t allowed to cut their hair or to ever ever touch or go near a corpse.

If a Nazarite was accidentally defiled (like by eating couscous salad with sultanas or getting tricked into touching a dead body), then he would have to be unclean for a week, and then on the eighth day, he would have to shave all the hair off his head and body and then offer some birds as a sin offering.

After a Nazarite’s vow is over and he graduates from the club, he’ll need to offer one male lamb, one female lamb, one ram, a basket of bread, a basket of wafers, oil, and a grain offering to the Tabernacle. And he will shave off all his hair and burn it.

Then God told Moses that Aaron would need to recite a poem to bless the Hebrews. Something like this.

God loves you true.
It do bless you!
Never cheat on God,
Or It'll smite you.

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