Numbers 1: The Census

So these are the the adventures of Moses, God, and the Hebrews when Moses wasn’t up on Mount Sinai.

For instance, God told Moses to take a census in Exodus 30 to figure out taxes and to determine the number of fighting men, these were the results of all the men over 20:

Reubenites 46,000
Simeonites 59,000
Gadites 45,650
Judaeans 74,600
Issacharites 54,400
Zebulunites 57,400
Ephraimites 40,500
Manassehians 32,200
Benjaminites 35,400
Danites 62,700
Asherites 41,500
Naphatilians 53,400

For a total of 603,550 fighting-aged men.


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