Leviticus 27

Then God said, let’s go over values. Here’s how much people, based on age and sex, are worth, you know, for slavery or for blood money, etc.

Males 20-60          20 ounces of silver
Females 20-60      12 ounces of silver
Males 5-20              8 ounces of silver
Females 5-20          4 ounces of silver
Males birth-5          2 ounces of silver
Females birth-5     1.2 ounces of silver
Males 60+                 6 ounces of silver
Females 60+             4 ounces of silver

Also, remember all sacrificial animals need to be healthy and perfect! If someone wants to redeem a 
sacrificial animal, they will need to pay its value plus 1/5 interest.

If a person offers his house as a sacrifice, then the priest will assess its value, and if the person wants to    redeem it, he will need to pay its value, plus 1/5 interest. If the person doesn't redeem it, it becomes the priest's in the Jubilee year. 

Since all the firstborn are already mine, no one can offer or redeem them. 

If someone devotes or sacrifice something to me, they can't turn around and sell it. 

Also, I get 1/10 of everything as a tithe. 

I think that about does it, Moses. Good talk. 

(And so comes to a close Leviticus. Next time we begin Numbers, or the Further Adventures of God and Moses.)


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