Leviticus 24

God was all, one last thing, Moses, before you go back down to camp. Remember to always keep the lamps in the tabernacle burning, and every Sabbath, you will need to offer twelve  loaves of bread and frankincense to me.

Then Moses headed back down to the camp to tell everybody about these new rules God just told him about.

Later, a half-Egyptian, half-Hebrew dude fought with a full-blooded Hebrew, and during the fight the half-breed cursed and blasphemed, so the horrified onlookers took him into custody for Moses to ask God what to do with him. So Moses went back to the tent of meeting to ask God, and God was all, Well duh! Didn’t we talk about this? Blasphemers should die. Tell everyone to stone him to death! I want you all to practice lex talionis!

And so it was done.

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