Leviticus 22

God continued, Ok, a few more things about priests. Only a priest’s family, including his slaves, sons, wives and unmarried, childless daughters can eat holy food. No one else! And priests nor their kinfolk can eat holy food if they are ritually unclean. If someone accidentally eats holy food, then that person must repay it with 1/5 interest.

And it should be needless, but let me remind you that all sacrificial animals need to be perfectly healthy–no deformities or injuries or illnesses. You also can’t sacrifice animals you bought from foreigners. Also, don’t kill an animal before its eight days old and don’t kill a mother and her offspring on the same day. Oh, and remember to eat sacrificial meat within three days or it attracts ants.

Do these things because I say so and if you don’t, you’ll incur my wrath.

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